Your Host…


I love games.  As a teenager I created countless games.  But it was mostly a solitary act.  I always felt a little shy about my love for games.  I never found a gaming tribe.

Here I am 20+ years later.   I’m coming out of the gaming closet.  I’m embracing what I love.  I’m working on designing games — but also playing them more.  Reading more.  Studying more.  I want to become a master of games.

As I study games I keep crashing up against the garish digital world of tabletop, RPG, euro gaming, etc. People create beautiful, fun, creative games that get gushed over on ugly unnavigable sites.  Further, the community seems so insular.  Games are doing better as crossover vehicles themselves — Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, SoC.

I hope, as I study and design games, I can create a waypoint for those that love gaming.

It’s a work in progress.  Drop me a note at thepiquer at gmail.



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