Fields of Arle Solo Challenge


Welcome to the 1st Fields of Arle Solo Challenge.

last updated: 10:48pm 2 April 2015


Read below if you have no idea what this is.  For those that are participating I’m closing the log entries Friday, April 3, by end of day.  I’m writing some quick code to analyze entries and see what we can learn — and perhaps share a few “badges” you’ve earned.  Additionally, one or more participants may get something tangible, even in this first round.


What It Is

Play one round of solo Fields of Arle using buildings listed below.  Compete with everyone else for the high score.  Log your play and we’ll recognize various interesting/novel styles of play, in addition the the high-scorer.  Once we’ve completed one round we’ll all decide if we should up the stakes — adding new challenges to the mix like:

  • one vehicle limit
  • cow-free farms
  • 1 less worker
  • etc…

How to Join In

  1. Download our form here to record your play.
  2. Tell people you’re in by Tweeting it, add @piquergaming and #FoASolo to the tweet
  3. Check in after 8pm CDT Friday 20 March on this page to see what buildings you’ll have to use.  Record your play.  You’ll have to number each worker assigned for each half year on the form.  The first worker placed that half year gets a “1” in the box next to the assigned action.  Remember, in solo you can’t take the off-season special action.

The Buildings

Green: Colonist’ House, Loading Station, Weaving Parlor, Carpenter’s Workshop

Yellow: Cooperage, Turnery

Blue: Potter’s Inn, Junk Dealer’s Inn, Gulf House Inn


Submitting Your Scores

Once you’ve finished, score your game in the appropriate spot on the play log.  If you can, take a picture of your farm and email it and the play log to us by 8pm CDT Sunday 29 March.  When you email us your completed log include your name and Twitter handle if appropriate. Email us thepiquer at gmail.

What Do You Win?

This is all for fun.  I may throw in some fun things, including a custom made foam core insert for the best play over the course of the challenge.  Below is a rough first cut of one I’ve made for myself.

top insert

full insert


Any questions leave comments here or email us at thepiquer at

Interesting Stuff

I’m learning more about the game by doing this. (@UpliftAndrew) linked to this BGG FoA Solo page where people are posting scores and endgame photos.




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