The Problem With Ideas

I love ideas.  Ideas have potential — unfulfilled possibility.  Ideas are applied imagination.  Ideas are my fuel. I spend a lot of my in-between time thinking about games.  And mostly about creating games — trying to invent novel ones and/or ones I would love to play. Games provide the sandbox for my imagination.  Mechanics and […]

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The Game Theory of Games

I’ve been witnessing a Twitter Battle play out over weeks, days, and now over the course of minutes.  The subject is Machi Koro.  The debate is about whether Machi Koro is fun (or even a game). I boil it down to two perspectives: 1.  There are lots of ways to play and win 2.  There […]

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Evaluating A Tabletop Game

I went on a game buying spree recently. I focused on games that could be played one player. I’m researching various game mechanics around creature AI and dynamic boards/environments. My starting list was based off the most interesting links Ricky Royal described in his video series here. By buying 10 or more games at once […]

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