The Future of Gaming via the Apple Watch

Apple featured gaming as a key part of the iPhone 6 (and Plus) but didn’t really mention it, that I saw, when presenting the Watch. There’s a hint at new forms of interpersonal communication – like the send a drawing and heartbeat functions.

But what about the notion of “glance games?” By the way, the domain is available.

Glance games must limit interaction to body movement, location, time, and simple Apple Watch gestures. The first step in making a game glance-able is to simplify the UI. Take the Clash of Clans style games – much of that game is a simple:

  1. check in
  2. collect stuff
  3. attack stuff
  4. upgrade stuff

Seems like any game that requires a “check in” mechanic could be made glance-able.

But there is so much more potential. Take the passing drawings notion further. Extend the Werewolf game and do some pretty cool things with proximity to others, secret roles, etc via the Glances UI.

Collectible/Living Card Games could get a whole new life via the interface. Use the Digital Crown to spin through your deck, force touch to “send” to an opponent to attack. And the idea is still around glance-able – micro-turns where you just check in and/or perform small interactions.

Pervasive Games could really get a boost as well — and move beyond using real location as a proxy for virtual location. You can exchange game information across a network of players via NFC – resolving combat and other digitally mediated interactions.

This isn’t a fully fleshed out thought yet – but I think the Apple Watch enables a whole new class of games. I’m coining the term glance games (or glanceable games).

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