Ricky Royal and Box of Delights

I was prepared to post on solo games and ended up watching over an hour of Ricky Royal videos at Box of Delights. After watching his top 30 solo series I went on to the first 2 episodes of his solo Mage Knight walkthrough.

While there are many game walkthrough/tabletop podcasts out there — I’ve found Ricky to be so easy to watch and listen to.  I’m really enjoying what he highlights about games whether I fully agree or not. And his top 30 solo games, as a start, are a good resource to find new games (especially cooperative ones). Like a good DJ’s list of top tracks, he has a very diverse selection with lots to offer gamers who enjoy various themes and mechanics.

It might be a while before I finish my Solo Games post.  Too much Box of Delights to watch.

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